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Feature Property
1,255 Acre Grazing Farm with 3 Bedroom Home, Casino, Northern Rivers NSW
1,255 Acre Grazing Farm with 3 Bedroom Home, Casino, Northern Rivers NSW

Feature Business
Newsagency (leasehold), Bangalow, Northern Rivers, New South Wales
Newsagency (leasehold), Bangalow, Northern Rivers, New South Wales

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Sell Without Agents


Our company, Sell Without Agents Pty Ltd, is a property marketing organization designed to enable owners of all types of property and business to sell their asset by private sale (i.e. without agents).

In this way, you can control the sale and gain the maximum benefits, particularly financial. As the owner, we believe “The best person to sell your property is you!”

We offer our clients:


We present your property with 13 quality images and relevant words to enhance the property and attract buyers. We place the advertisement under relevant categories, e.g.,
  • Properties
  • Price Range
  • Businesses
to ensure it is found by more potential buyers.
Note: Your advertisement stays on the website until the property is sold. You can alter the selling price or the details at any time by notifying us.


We give you a web address, e.g.,

When you advertise in classifieds or other media, simply put the words "can view on web", or use the web address, to direct people reading the advertisement to your web page on Any callers can be directed to your advertisement on Sell Without Agents website. This is ideal for buyers from other areas or interstate


All our advertisements include an e-mail form for use by potential buyers. If you have e-mail this will go to your address and to our office. If you don’t have e-mail we’ll ring you with the enquirer’s name and phone number.


We supply you with professional signage to erect and display on your property or business (this is optional). These signs can ‘flush out’ a potential buyer. Simply use a sign pen to put your phone number on the signs and you’ll be surprised at the response.


We offer commonsense advice to all our clients. We can suggest practical ways of ensuring you get the potential buyers for your property or business.

Remember, "The best person to sell your property is YOU".

It’s a fact! You’re the one who knows the features and benefits of the property or business you’re selling. Our aim is to get genuine enquiries direct to you, so you can explain in more detail what the property or business has to offer. Remember to present your property in a neat and tidy manner and to have your phone numbers directed to an answering service/message bank, so you can be contacted at all times.


  • We’re here to help you market your property or business in a professional manner.
  • We are a professional business with real people who want to help you. We are only a 1300 call away.
  • We advertise in newspapers, on the internet and in other publications to ensure more potential buyers know about our popular website.
  • We operate from Lismore in Northern NSW.
  • We specialise in both properties and businesses for sale.
  • We believe it’s your right to save your hard-earned money by selling without agents.

Ed Mulligan
Sell Without Agents Pty. Ltd.
Phone: 1300 139 351

Testimonials From Some Of Our Happy Clients

Remember the best person to sell your property is you!

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